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The Top Four Tips for Scatter Cushions in your Lounge Room

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Are you someone who just loves the creativity of scattering pillows around the home? If so, you could probably do with some tips because your choice of placement and how you arrange them can really make or break your look! Here are the top four tops for scatter cushions in your lounge room, to keep it funky and fresh.

  • 1.Consider your cushion filling

Believe it or not, what’s inside your cushions really makes a difference to how it looks and functions on your sofa or chair. An over-stuffed cushion may look good, but will it be inviting? It should be plump and fluffed up, but also ‘squishy’ enough to be inviting.

  • 2.The ‘Chop’

Pillow chopping isn’t how it sounds so, you can put those scissors away! It refers to the way your cushion is shaped. Those in favour of ‘the chop’, will plump up their cushion, then use a karate-chop motion to create an indent in the top of the cushion with their hand to give a really unique look.

  • 3.Placement

As a rule, it’s best to start from the outside and work your way in to the middle. Place your two large, matching cushions on the out edge of your couch so they are resting on the arms. Then place your next two matching cushions in an overlapping fashion and so on, until you reach the center. Finally, place your ‘feature cushion’ in the middle.

  • 4.Colours

Last but not least, consider your colour palate. Sure, you can choose to play it safe and select neutral colours like cream and beige, but really, do you want to just blend in? We suggest going with bright, funky colours with unique patterns that really brighten up your home!

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