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Five Tips on Creating a Funky Theme for Your Child’s Bedroom

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It’s an exciting time when your child moves into their own room. As sad as it can be for you as a parent that your once little baby is now a little human with their own personality, uniqueness and style, it does make designing their bedroom fun! Here are 5 tips to help you create a funky theme for your child’s bedroom.

  • 1.Polka Dots

Polka dots are perfect for kid’s bedrooms. They are a unisex pattern and bring a funky, playful vibe to any space! Whether you incorporate polka dots with cushions, storage units or even wallpaper, they are sure to evoke a sense of happiness and fun.

  • 2.Prints

A simple way to make a room funky and interesting is with some carefully selected prints. Depending on your theme, you may choose something feminine and pretty like this Angel in the Sky Print, or even this gorgeous Somewhere Over the Rainbow Print. Alternatively, this Be Batman Print or this Be Rad Print both work wonderfully in a little man’s room.

  • 3.Blankets

The great thing about blankets its they not only keep your little one snug at night, they can be used decoratively as well. Select a colourful blanket so that it accents other colours in the room, or choose one with a trendy, funky pattern that your child will never grow out of.

  • 4.Practicality

It’s exciting when you find a piece that’s just as practical as it is stylish. Take for example this House Shaped Bookcase. Your child will love the unique design but will also have plenty of room to store their books and toys.

  • 5.Accessories

Accessorise with some cool display boxes, themed hanging hooks or a quote that will put a smile on your child’s face every single day. The possibilities are endless!