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Discover The Top 4 Tips For Decorating Kids Bedroom

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It can always be a challenge when it comes to decorating your kids bedrooms. We always want to do the best job and get it right. The key is, don't over think it. Generally, the first idea that comes to mind, tends to be the right one. Go with your gut I say!!


Have an idea in mind of what you are wanting to do and jot down what it is. It can always help seeing it written down. By doing this, will make it easier when you start your research, because you will already have an idea. One of the biggest things when you start doing you research, is that you are going to come across other ideas that you hadn't thought of. Great!! Write those down too in a different section. Knowledge is power, so by having as much knowdlge up your sleeve as to how you want to design your little persons room will ensure you have the best outcome.


Whether it is on the walls, or on the cushions colour is great!!! Go crazy, go wild, go colour. Why not be bold and brave when it comes to decorating their room? Our kids are, so their room should resonate with that. If painting colour on the walls is a little scary for you, then pick out a nice soft colour that can go with anything, and then put the colour into your soft furnishings. This way, the colour can be changed by altering your soft furnishings like, cushions, throws, prints and little nick nacks. 


Really think about where you want this room to take your child. Is it going to be a short term design, meaning you will change it in a year or so, or is this going to be a change that is going to last 5 years.  Whether it is short or long term, you need to accommodate for that. From colours, design, and layout, all of these things need to come into consideration when putting a kids bedroom together.


The main part in all of this is have fun during the process. Sometimes we can get lost with what we are doing and forget the real reason we are doing it. Design the room for you and your child. Don't design it beach you think it is someone else wants or thinks you should have. The design in our homes is a reflection of who you are. Sometimes, the best designs are the ones where it is a miss match of all different items. However, these items may have a special meaning, a memory or you just sae it one day and it resonated with you. All of those things put together, will be a kids bedroom designed  with absolute  love and that is the main thing.

Lets face it, at the end of the day this is kids bedroom and they are designed to be have fun in and be a mess. Kids need to be kids at the end of the day.