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Transform Your Little Girl’s Bedroom into a Bedroom she will love!

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Our bedroom is a reflection of who we are. When you walk into your bedroom, you want to have love and satisfaction for your room, so why not do it for your little daughters room? Kids’ bedrooms should be fun so keep that in mind when starting this project. A few small touches can make all the difference and if our online homewares store hasn’t already given you some ideas, here are some tips to get you started.

Firstly, think about ways to add colour to the room. A polka dot cushion for her bed, a rainbow print for her wall and colourful storage unit for her toys will brighten up her room with pops of colour.

Next for something a little more larger scale, why not add a novelty bookcase? Our house shaped bookcase is perfect. Not only is it a practical way to store her things but she will love you for it too!Another great addition to the room that will have your daughter saying ‘mirror, mirror on the wall’ is this elegant copper wall mirror by Bloomingville. The copper in the frame will pick up the pink tones throughout her room and tie it all together.

Your little girl can get busy too, so keep your little one organized by adding a cute bear shaped cork pin board and somewhere to store her precious jewels like this acrylic shadow box.

For something purely decorative, we have these cute but sophisticated decorative fans that look great mounted to a wall or sitting on a study desk. A great way to encourage your little princess to do her homework is to ensure her study space is bright and cheerful.So think about that when adding to the space. These wooden pastel display houses are perfect for a desk space and your little one can use them to store her school supplies.

It’s all about making it fun, so use some of these tips and get decorating!