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Funky Storage Bins to Help Keep Kids Bedrooms in Order

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As a parent, you know how difficult it can be to keep your kids’ bedrooms neat and tidy. Messy bedrooms are a given and encouraging your little one to clean their own room can be quite challenging!

A good place to start is ensuring your child’s room is equipped with places to store their toys, clothes and dirty washing. This gives them an alternative to simply leaving things on the floor which is usually where most things end up. Not only does a messy room look unpleasant, leaving toys and other items on the floor can be tripping hazard for your children and your family.

At Room and Bloom, we have a range of unique, funky storage bins that are not only practical, they also look cool too! They blend in easily with your décor, adding to the overall look of the room and offer a great storage solution for your child’s bedroom and around the home.

This ‘Saddle Up’ storage basket by Danica Studio features running horses in black and white, making it the perfect addition to any bedroom without the issue of clashing colours. It measures 55cms high and provides a practical place for your little ones’ clothes or toys. If horses aren’t really your thing, the 'Aztac' storage basket is a great alternative, also in black and white with funky patterns for either a boys or girls room.

If you are after something a little more colourful, this 'Carnival Spots' storage bin will brighten up any corner of room and this 'Anchor Design' storage bin adds a playful nautical theme to your kids bedroom or even the bathroom.

All storage bins by Danica Studio are made with 100% cotton so you know they are the highest possible quality. Buy online today!